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EURA 2020 – “Contradictions Shaping Urban Futures”

About this call

Next year’s EURA conference – Contradictions shaping urban futures” – will take place in Oslo, the capital of Norway, June 15 – 17, 2020.

The EURA conference is an important meeting point for urban researchers across disciplines. EURA aims to gather urban researchers devoted to international exchange, co-operation and interdisciplinary as well as comparative urban research, and by doing so stimulating and contributing to urban policy debates and development.

The EURA 2020 conference will focus on the dynamics of underlying contradictions that are generative for urban life, and thus contributing to shaping its futures. Even though cities are facing many of the same contradictions, they are recognized, problematized, politicized and handled in different ways, and consequently exert differing influences on urban life. Rather than focusing on visions about urban futures such as “smart city”, “just cities”, “green cities”, “ sustainable city”, “environmental healthy cities”, “global city” et cetera, the objective of EURA 2020 is to better understand the underlying ambiguities and contradictions that shape how these urban visions are handled.

Oslo Metropolitan University and the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research welcomes scholars in the field of urban studies to contribute with panels and abstracts to the main tracks of the conference:

  1. Wealth vs. poverty
  2. Sustainable vs. unsustainable urban development and growth vs degrowth
  3. Representative democracy vs. network governance vs. populism
  4. Inclusionary and tolerant vs. exclusionary and intolerant cities
  5. The multiethnic urban community vs. the ethnically divided city
  6. Creative urban methods

Topics addressed in the tracks serve as signposts only, and do not exclude other perspectives on the kinds of ambiguities and contradictions that shape urban futures.