Contradictions Shaping Urban Futures

At a time when an increasing share of the global population is living in urban areas, there is a need to re-examine the role(s), which cities take in coping with today’s challenges and contradictions.

The EURA conference in Oslo 2020 takes as its inspiration Robert A. Beauregard’s book (2018) ‘Cities in the urban age’, as well as protests in European cities where groups like the “gilets jaunes” in France take to the streets to make their voice heard. Both the book and the protests underline that urban policies matter, have impact beyond the urban sphere and are worth fighting over.

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  1. Wealth vs. poverty
  2. Sustainable vs. unsustainable urban development and growth vs. degrowth
  3. Representative democracy vs. network governance vs. populism?
  4. Inclusionary and tolerant vs. exclusionary and intolerant cities
  5. The multiethnic urban community vs. the ethnically divided city
  6. Creative urban methods


EURA 2020 is organized by the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research at Oslo Metropolitan University.